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Plywood component are widely used in chair, armchair, sofa and bench design. There is a huge range of possible application of plywood elements: backrests, seats, armrests, slats, frames. These elements can accomplish both supportive and decorative function. They are sustainable, robust, light-weight and aesthetical. Plywood elements help to create light and cozy atmosphere.

Alongside with standard school chair components, Lamdrev manufactures components for individual projects of kids, school and office furniture. Our experience and knowledge allow us to realize your most ambitious design ideas.

How we work with individual projects:

  • Select a finishing material. At your desire, parts can be veneered with fine wood or coated with plastic HPL, it is possible to choose color (according to catalogue RAL) or coating tint, apply fire retardant varnish. Quality control is completed on each stage, from acquisition of ramaterials to the packing of the final     product.
  • Prepare design specification: determine dimensions (drafts/sketches/ samples of future product are required), lot size, coating selection. On this stage our professionals will consult you on any question you might have.
  • Make tooling to manufacture parts of specified form. After all technical details are cleared, our engineers start working. Tooling making is a customized process resulting in a prototype model.